Custom Marine Fuel Tanks

American Tanks has the capacity to make any size or shape tank to approximately 2500 gallons. We primarily build tanks using 5052 or 5086 Aluminum for cost efectiveness, but may use Stainless Steel (316L or 304) or cold pressed steel if appropriate. Tanks can be built to your drawing and spec, or a team member can meet with you to draw a plan to fit your need.

Often, boats are built around the fuel tanks and the engine room making it difficult to get the tanks out. In order to remove the tanks without cutting apart the vessel and to avoid costly engine and generator removal, we instead cut the old tank into pieces and remove it one section at a time. We then build a few tanks that are smaller so we can get them inside, yet their combined capacity will equal that of the old tank. The tanks are then plumbed together as one large tank.

See our marine tank customer project pages for some examples of fuel tanks we've built for customers.

Custom Marine Water Tanks

Water and holding tanks are typically made from 316L Stainless. They can be fit for installation in any location from bow to stern. We carry a large variety of standard fittings from 1/4" - 2", and can custom order any fitting to suit your need. Mounting tabs and brackets will be placed for ease of installation and mount point compatibility.

Marine water tank construction is similar to fuel tank construction, but for health standards, only stainless is used. No matter who you choose to build your water tank, never accept an aluminum tank to hold potable water. And even though there may seem to be no health risk for aluminum holding tanks, the chemistry of holding tank water will quickly eat away even a newly built aluminum tank. If it's on your ship, and it's not holding fuel, make sure your tank is made from stainless.

Pre-order time

Customers typically receive their finished tank approximately 2 weeks after placing their order. Rush service is available.

FREE delivery from San Diego to Marina Del Rey.

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