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Trophy Truck Loading Ramp
Trophy Truck Ramp

Pressurized Fuel Deilvery tank
Pressurized Fuel Station
Trophy truck loading ramps

The trucks that run in the Baja 1000 aren't your standard F-150. These guys are heavy, have big engines, tires, and everything else. And they weigh a lot. American Tanks custom designed a pair of loading ramps with integrated arching to support the increased weight that these trucks require when loading and unloading from the race support trailers. They were built from aluminum to maintain a lower weight so the guys on the ground can still handle them without blowing their spines out, or needing a crane just to get the truck back on the trailer.

Pressurized Fueling Station

As a long time friend and provider for the McMillan Racing teams, American Tanks has helped pioneer efficient fuel delivery systems for desert racing in the Trophy Truck class racing circuit. This racing circuit is known for it's brutal conditions where even the elite teams are battling just to stay in the race. Where seconds count, and nothing can go wrong in the desert pits, American Tanks has developed in conjunction with McMillan Racing an exclusive fueling system using pressurized fuel tanks to deliver up to 80 gallons of race fuel in as little as 30 seconds. This system delivers fuel in as little as half the time as conventional tower fuel delivery tanks, with equivalent reliability. This patented technology helps give McMillan racing the endge to keep them winning in the Baja 1000 and Baja 500.