Tank removal and re-installation process

Installed Replacement Tanks
Installed Replacement Tanks

Tank Building

  1. Customer supplies 3D drawings/specs, or we spec the tank(s) out on-site
  2. Tank Estimate delivered to customer
  3. Customer places tank deposit to begin work
  4. Order flatsheets for material.
  5. Fabricate
    • Cut with shears to proper dimensions
    • Bend with brake
    • Weld with either a MIG or TIG Miller machine
    • Cut holes for fittings
    • Weld on fittings & brackets
    • Install sending unit
    • Pressure test (All tanks are tested to 5 PSI)

Tank Removal

Our general process for removing old tanks is

  1. Pump out old fuel
  2. Cut access hole into tank
  3. Scrape excess buildup left in tank
  4. Remove remainder of tank
  5. Paint the bilge (customer preference)

Tank Installation

  1. Install new smaller tanks
  2. Plumb them together
  3. Pump fuel back into new tank (filtered old fuel or new fuel)