Tank Removal and Re-Installation

Often, boats are built around the fuel tanks and the engine room making it difficult to get the tanks out. In order to remove the tanks without cutting apart the vessel and to avoid costly engine and generator removal, we instead cut the old tank into pieces and remove it one section at a time. We then build a few tanks that are smaller so we can get them inside, yet their combined capacity will equal that of the old tank. The tanks are then plumbed together as one large tank.

The American Tanks team installs tanks in approximately 50 vessels per year. This means over the past 30 years about 1500 vessels have been re-tanked by our team. With that level of experience, can you afford not to have us install your new tanks?

See our tank removal and reinstallation process

Custom Tank Fabrication

Being experts in marine tanks, and building products that have to survive some of the harshest environments, we are often called on to build other forms of tanks for applications in everything from off-road racing to pressurized water filtration systems. We've had several military contracts for gaseous separation system components, and even plain old air pressure tanks.

If you have a custom or production tank job, our production lead can consult with you to determine a cost effective and time aware scenario to complete your project.

Custom Marine Welding

All manner of rails, plates, tanks, and structures in marine applications are subject to extreme environmental stresses both from corrosion and wear. With over 30 years experience in the marine industry, American Tanks can assist you with any of your marine welding needs. Give us a call at the shop to discuss your project. Consultations are free.